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Use ExportNote to continuously export your Evernote content as local html or markdown files, so that you always have a local backup of your Evernote notes.

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If you’ve carefully curated a tag hierarchy in Evernote, then you’ll know how important it is that this is preserved. ExportNote does that, replicating your tag hierarchy on disk, and in the markdown front matter.

Your note content isn’t duplicated if a note is tagged, which saves space.

The little things

The creation and modification dates on the generated files match those of their corresponding notes, so you can search locally using this kind of metadata.

Also note properties such as location data are available in the generated files.

Browse files

Browse your content using the Finder on your Mac:

Example of browsing content using finder

Browse using the generated index

Or use the generated index web page to browse your content locally:

Example of browsing content using the generated index

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Born out of love for Evernote, this app helps you continue using it while being assured that you have an external copy of all your notes in HTML or Markdown, organized just as you want it.

Not associated with Evernote

ExportNote is in no way associated with Evernote. It was created by Atadore SARL, a Swiss company owned by Damian Mehers.